Weak Without the Word

Jan 15th, 2012 | By | Category: Faith

Life without the Word of God is weak. We think of ourselves. We forget the strength in God’s word. We lean on our own understanding, which only complicates things, and then we consult the flesh, which has no agenda but its own.

Life in the Spirit is strength. We draw strength from one another. We think of others. And we call upon and rely on God’s strength, and He answers. This life requires only disciplined obedience. We lean on God’s wisdom when we do not understand. And the central pillar is faith — believing God and His wisdom over our own emotions, our own knowledge, our own experiences and in spite of what we see.

When an angel came to Mary and said, you shall be with child, she wondered aloud — How can this be? But it is simple how it came to be, and why she was chosen: Despite all evidence to the contrary, she believed.

Life in the flesh sees every obstacle as imposingly real and every solution — even those from God — as flawed. Life in the spirit sees God as real, and every obstacle as an opportunity to show that nothing is impossible with God.

Who’s winning your battles today?

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