News letter

New Leadership

The Zoe Network, under the direction of Founding Partner Roussan Etienne, Jr. is excited about adding Mr. Marlon B. Jackson, former Senior Franchise Developer for Colbert/Ball Tax Services, to oversee the operations of the network. With Mr. Jackson’s expertise in the tax and print media industries, he brings a wealth of experience to the network. His goal is to take the Zoe Network worldwide with an emphasis on Christians doing business with Christians. He understands the vision Mr. Etienne received years ago when he started the Zoe Network, and he is excited about the Zoe Network and the future. Mr. Jackson’s first project will be to make the Zoe Network brand a household name.

The network would also like to welcome Mr. DeVere Patton to the network as the Business Editor. Mr. Patton’s role will be to identify Christian businesses for stories, speakers, sponsorship and advertising opportunities. He is a graduate of the great Hampton University and will bring innovation to the network. As a God fearing man, Mr. Patton understands Biblical principles and how they relate to business. We are confident that Mr. Patton will be a good steward of God’s plan for the network.

Natalie Rayner has also joined the Christian Business Exchange as the new director.  Natalie will be responsible for bringing dynamic and interesting speakers to the Christian Business Exchange. With her industry contacts and experience, you can rest assured you will be blessed.

The Christian Business Exchange

The Christian Business Exchange will resume the networking mixer on December 6th at 6:30pm at Annie’s Art Gallery located at 5814 Allentown Way, Camp Springs, Maryland. Make plans to attend and meet Natalie and the rest of the Zoe Network staff.

The goal of the Christian Business Exchange is to give business people an opportunity to meet and greet each other, as well as to receive current business information from industry leaders.   Thanks to TD Bank, our first presenter and sponsor. Ms. Kelly Garisto discussed business banking. She also entertained your specific business banking questions. Thanks to TD Bank for being our sponsor for the Christian Business Exchange.


If you want to know who owns a fleet of trucks, who has the gravel, who has the labor pools, etc., our zoesource will be your refuge. As a resource for Christians looking for business exposure and opportunities our website keeps Christian businesses up-to-date on contract opportunities and how to get one. Advertising and public relations opportunities are a cornerstone of the network as we highlight Christian businesses and their products and services. 

One of the innovations of the network will be our “How To” Corner. “How to do business overseas?”, “How to register your business?”, “How to get customers?”, and more will be featured. Our mission in this arena is to simplify the complicated.

The ZOE Network also provides development, fund-raising, and resource support to the Zoe Group Foundation, a 501c3 philanthropic organization. As cholera is spreading closer to the capital of Haiti, The Zoe Group Foundation is in the process of sending water filtration systems to the squalid camps that house hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors; as well as clothing and medical supplies to the children housed in orphanages nearby.  Be part of this great move of God and join in the process of giving. Keep an eye on our website for giving opportunities.  

The Zoe Network Book of the Month Club features “The Agreement”, by Michael Thomas. This book is a must read for anyone interested in learning the power of agreement and unlocking the favor of God.  It’s an encyclopedia of information on the Law of Agreement that will impart profound wisdom and show you how offense can affect your business and relationship.  Two books will be given away at the November 1st, 2010 Christian Business Exchange. You cannot afford not to have this book in your collection. 

Shout Outs

Congratulations to Mel Franklin.

Also, keep an eye on our photo gallery. If you are in or near a Christian event you may see yourself in the gallery.