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Jan 15th, 2012 | By
Don Weber the Zoe Network

  Coming Soon – February 6, 2012 Many of us unconsciously do things that sabotage our ability to create wealth. We spend more than we make, never saving. We fail to give when our heart prompts us – short-circuiting the Law of Reciprocity in which benefits would be returned to us. Another example: We don’t show up at our best at work on a consistent basis. Being our best includes a great attitude, proper dress, good grooming, skin care, and having high energy because we are well rested. 

Orland Bego – Internet Marketing to The Christian Community

Jan 2nd, 2012 | By

Internet Marketing to The Christian Community presented by     Orlando J. Bego  COME NETWORK January 2, 2012   Bego Enterprise. Inc BEGO Enterprises, Inc. is a multi-business firm located in Prince George’s County, MD with entities in cellular communications, retail and commercial cleaning products and internet marketing services. BEGO Enterprise helps small business owners achieve their online goals by putting the right services, tools and resources at their fingertips.  JOIN US AT THE CEO Business Cafe’ AND NETWORK, HAVE FUN AND OBTAIN USEFUL INFORMATION THAT WILL BE HELPFUL IF YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR,OR DESIRE TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR..  CEO Business Cafe’ “Where Business Belongs” 6305 Ivy Lane, First Floor Adjacent to
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Romney’s puzzling Medicare move

Dec 9th, 2011 | By

(Manuel Balce Ceneta – Associated Press) The Romney campaign’s aggressive embrace of a plan that drastically overhauls Medicare is a puzzling move. To describe Medicare as a politically fraught campaign issue probably is an understatement. Voters just don’t like changing the program, even when Congress wants to expand the program and add new benefits. Mollyann Brodie, who directs survey research for the Kaiser Family Foundation, recalls when Congress added a prescription benefit to the program in 2003. “In Medicare Part D,” they were adding on a huge benefit and even then seniors were very unfavorable,” she says. But in a
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In Congress, partisanship is no longer something to hide

Dec 8th, 2011 | By

On Wednesday, rather than huddling for negotiations or voting on different proposals, the Senate opened for business at 11:30 a.m. and closed its doors a little past 6 p.m., without holding any roll call votes. The House, meanwhile, approved an anti-regulatory bill that GOP leaders first discussed putting to a vote in late August. At dueling news conferences, Senate Democrats and House Republicans pushed their competing versions of how to extend a payroll tax holiday that puts about $1,000 a year into the pockets of an average worker. They acknowledged that those proposals, which could come to votes in the
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DIVA Consultant presents Google+ Demystified for Your Business

Nov 27th, 2011 | By

The biggest event to happen in social media since the creation of Facebook Fan Pages quietly hit the internet last month – Google launched Google+ Pages, finally opening up the amazing Google+ platform to businesses.     Do you have your Google+Page for your business? What is Google Plus one? Google plus one is Google’s latest experiment that allows you to like (as in +1) a link. It’s similar to the likes in Facebook, and in a way, the Tweets in Twitter. As soon as you log into your Google account, you have the option to plus one every web page you
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Douglas Shamlin – Solgenics

Oct 23rd, 2011 | By

ZOE-CBE COME NETWORK Nov. 7th , 2011 Guest Speaker  Douglas Shamlin Professional Speaker,Coach, CEO & President of SOLgenics  Come Learn how CLEAN is the New Green… JOIN US AT THE CEO Business Cafe’ AND NETWORK, HAVE FUN AND OBTAIN USEFUL INFORMATION THAT WILL BE HELPFUL IF YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR,OR DESIRE TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR.. REGISTER Here    Start time 7pm Sharp!!!  Lite fare will be served 6:30PM Mix, Mingle & Network  $10 at the door (members) In January 2006, Douglas began researching and developing new methodologies for designing and building energy efficient buildings that would use less than half the energy of traditionally-built structures. Adding solar
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Joel A. Freeman, Ph. D.

Oct 3rd, 2011 | By

Welcome to The Zoe Network Community where Faith and the Marketplace Meet We have positioned ourselves to be “The World’s Largest Christ-Centered Networking Organization”. We are delighted that you have visited this website and interested in learning more about The Zoe Network, LLC. The Zoe Network is a unique organization, we are “Built By GOD…Powered By Faith…Operated In Agreement.” Our goal is to teach and empower Entrepreneurs & Businesses through the art of  Kingdom networking. Zoe Christian Business Exchange Presents Joel A. Freeman, Ph. D. Born in Maine (1954) and raised in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Joel A. Freeman
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