Purpose, Vision, & Mission


The purpose of The Zoe Network, LLC is to impact the marketplace by developing disciples of Christ in business, and restoring man back to the “ZOE Life” , or the GOD kind of life.  We are also a development, fund-raising, and resource support for The Zoe Group Foundation, a 501c-3 philanthropy organization.

“ZOE” Defined
The greek word zoe is used when speaking of the life of God in the New Testament. Zoe literally means zœ life as God has it. It is the eternal God-kind of life. An example of Zoe is found in John 5:26. It is the life that God has in Himself. Zoe is the life from which man was alienated in the Fall.


In 2000 while attending Seminary, God gave our Founding Partner, Roussan Etienne, Jr.  the vision for The Zoe Networking Group International, Inc., now known as The Zoe Network, LLC. Our vision is a process comprised of 5 key points; 1) to disciple people unto Christ by teaching Christ-centered principles in corporate/business settings, 2) to impact through Christ, the people who influence or shape the marketplace’s culture, 3) to build an international state of the art training/retreat facility to educate world, business, and community leaders in biblical based business principles, concepts, and ideas, 4) to launch a mass media network as a platform to address, introduce, discuss, edify, and empower Christ-centered businesses and culture, and 5) to serve as an investment group, empowering proven Christ-centered businesses with fair ROI (Rate of Return) according to market standards.


The Zoe Network is a vibrant business and professional networking organization designed to encourage and promote high standards of business integrity and economic honesty through creating an awareness of Christ-centered ethical teachings. We specialize in the areas of branding, marketing, and public relations.

Partners are empowered through collaborative marketing campaigns and partnerships among community, spiritual and business leaders to effect positive and sustainable change in American business. ZOE educates people of all faiths and backgrounds to maintain the highest standards of integrity and care in business and economic life, with particular emphasis on the lessons of Christ.