About Us

The Zoe Network 3 pillarsThe ZOE Network is a vibrant business and professional networking organization designed to encourage and promote high standards of business integrity and economic honesty through creating an awareness of Christ-centered ethical teachings. We specialize in the areas of branding, marketing, and public relations.

Partners are empowered through collaborative marketing campaigns and partnerships among community, spiritual and business leaders to effect positive and sustainable change in American business. ZOE educates people of all faiths and backgrounds to maintain the highest standards of integrity and care in business and economic life, with particular emphasis on the lessons of Christ.


Advocate For Public Policy

Christian business owners are a powerful constituency. As a community, we have been participants in advocacy for years and have had significant impact on the legislative agenda. We take the process seriously. We understand the importance of relationships with both Democrats and Republicans and scrupulously maintain a bipartisan approach to advocacy. We vote. Our endorsements have weight. In addition, by a wide margin, Christian business owners across demographic groups will place a significant degree of trust in the endorsements of the Zoe Network. We are an econonmic force. There are over a milllion privately held Christian -owned businesses, across every industry sector in the United States. We employ over 750,000 people and generate $88.6 billion in annual revenue.

Access to Capital

Capital access remains the most important factor limiting the establishment, expansion and growth of Christian-owned businesses. Given this well-established constraint, the current financial environment has placed a greater burden on Christian entrepreneurs who are trying to keep their businesses thriving in today’s economy. In 2006 there was $1,578 billion in contracts. It is our goal to help level the playing field by advocating for our members for increased contract opportunities. To place our members in the best position to compete, win and be successful in providing services and products to the private & public sectors and nonprofit organizations.

Education for our Business Members

The Zoe Network will strive to be the preeminent institution for research having to do with the development of Christian owned businesses in the entrepreneur world. The Zoe Network will bring the best of business education, information and support together in a substantial, showcase program that makes a difference in the success of its selected participants and create a template that can be reproduced in each region represented in our areas of service.

Three Pillars of Service: The Three Pillars are the cornerstone of our platform: advocate for public policy, access to capital , and education for our business owners, - these are the issues that we will be aggressively pursuing with specific focus and plans. The power of these principals is that they represent the issues this community cares most about- and they also represent the ability we have to make the most impact to grow our companies and our communities.