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  Coming Soon – February 6, 2012 Many of us unconsciously do things that sabotage our ability to create wealth. We spend more than we make, never saving. We fail to give when our heart prompts us – short-circuiting the Law of Reciprocity in which benefits would be returned to us. Another example: We don’t show up at our best at work on a consistent basis. Being our best includes a great attitude, proper dress, good grooming, skin care, and having high energy because we are well rested. 

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Sanford’s Steamy Affair

The details are torrid, and the letters so eloquent, I’m sure it’ll be a favorite read for weeks to come. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, once most known as the ideologue who refused federal stimulus money for his state while the entire country was locked in its worst economic downturn in more than 20 years, is now the ideologue apparently so in love with with a woman who is not his wife, he ignored his four sons on Father’s Day, and disregarded his responsibilities as the state’s chief executive to continue a fling with a woman who can only inflict
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Purpose in Provision Praying

<![CDATA[ ]]> …but in everything by prayer and supplication … Phil 4:6 Should we pray to an All-Knowing God? If we’re trying to find our way around anxiety and worries we should. Many times, the things I’ve wrung my hands over are the needs that are apparent – food, shelter, clothing. And I know my Father will supply, and yet, anxiety still crept in. What’s the point of asking an all-Knowing, All-Seeing God for things both He and we know are needed? Perhaps the better question is what does that process do for us? The Lord Jesus Himself taught us
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With Thanksgiving

What can we be thankful for when we obviously stand in need? We can be thankful for God’s faithfulness today tomorrow and forever. Ps 100 says to “enter his gates with thanksgiving,” To “be thankful unto him and bless His name.” And then the psalm reveals the reason why: “for the Lord is good, and His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.” Look at that: He IS good. That’s present — today. This is the character of the Lord right now. Goodness is so much of what he consists of that He defines it. Believe that
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Get Up!

I usually write about spiritual matters in the column, but this time I’m taking things a little further to where the rubber meets the road. Only because what the Lord has convicted me of lately is not a spiritual challenge but my own physical inactivity. Brothers and sisters, I’ve noticed that when it comes to changes that affect our physical and food habits we’re far more likely to talk the talk and fail to walk the walk – and I mean that literally and figuratively. Now I can’t sit and point fingers, because there are three more pointing back at
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Life Style

Happy Hanukkah: The meaning behind the holiday

Rabbi Shmuel Marcus helps Helen Fox light a six-foot menorah in Seal Beach, Calif. (Cindy Yamanaka, – AP) Tonight the Hanukkah celebration begins. American children learn about Christmas traditions through, if by no other means, osmosis. I didn’t realize that until one of our first family holiday seasons, when my husband and I began talking about how to approach sharing our Hanukkah and Christmas traditions. We were preempted by our 2-year-old who announced she’d learned about Santa the previous October. Hanukkah is a different matter. Many of us aren’t even sure how to spell it (it also goes by Chanukah)
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Gingrich and his ‘nice’ strategy are under fire from attack ads in Iowa

Video Newt Gingrich continued to knock negative campaigning by Republican opponents on a campaign stop in Knoxville, Iowa, Tuesday. (Dec. 21)


Consumer spending and personal incomes show weak gains; core durable goods orders fall

Both the spending and income gains fell below expectations. Economists have said that solid increases in spending could boost economic growth in the final three months of what has been a disappointing year. Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics, called the consumer spending figure disappointing. He said it would probably mean lower economic growth than had been expected. Rather than grow at an annual rate of up to 3 percent in the October-December quarter, the economy will likely expand at a rate of about 2.5 percent this quarter, Ashworth says. That would still be an improvement from the
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Falcons say they’re up to the task of beating Saints, QB Drew Brees

The Saints have won six straight, including a 26-23 overtime victory over the Falcons five weeks ago. It came as no surprise that Brees played a nearly flawless game, improving to 9-2 in the NFC South rivalry with 3,332 yards passing and 22 touchdowns. Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes, who picked off Brees’ pass in Atlanta’s overtime win last year at New Orleans, understands the difficulties of defending his loaded receiving corps. “He throws to everybody on the field, but he tends to go to mostly to (tight end Jimmy) Graham, (receiver Marques) Colston and (running back Darren) Sproles, so it’s
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